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Corel WordPerfect Office X6 (Professional Edtion )


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Product Description

For millions of longtime users, WordPerfect Office is their tool of choice because of the legendary control it allows when creating and formatting critical documents and the powerful compatibility it offers when sharing information. As the needs of our users have grown and shifted, WordPerfect

Office X6 has expanded to provide powerful new tools and capabilities in tandem with its traditional strengths, creating an unrivaled office productivity experience.

What’s New

New! Multiple Monitor support:

WordPerfect X6 makes it easier than ever to work on multiple documents at the same time. You can even edit a document on one screen in real-time and show it to a client on another. And when you’re comparing complex, highly detailed files, you can get a full screen look at both by having them open on separate monitors. You can also open the current document in a new instance of WordPerfect X6 in a couple of clicks.

New! WordPerfect® eBook Publisher:

Now using the new WordPerfect® eBook Publisher, you can lay out a book with the legendary formatting features of WordPerfect and then publish it to an eBook format in no time.

New! Advanced Preview:

The new Preview mode lets you have a look at WordPerfect files in Windows® Explorer and Microsoft® Outlook® before you open them.


New! Bates Numbering:

Adding Bates numbering to critical files is standard practice in many fields, including law and medicine, and can be tedious and time-consuming.

New! Macros:

Many often-performed tasks are now automated in WordPerfect X6, saving you time and boosting your productivity. With a single click of a button on the Shipping Macros toolbar, you can discard all changes and open the last saved version of a file, print the current document page, save all open files, highlight all instances of a word or phrase, and more.

Enhanced! Reference Center:

From a single, easy-to-use location, the Reference Center gives you quick access comprehensive Help files, tips, and tutorials for each of the main applications. And now, with an overhauled index, improved navigation features, and new search functionality and tips, the Reference Center makes finding the information you need about WordPerfect Office X6 easier than ever. You can even search the web for answers directly from the Reference Center.

New! WordPerfect Viewer for Android™:

If you‘re on the fly, the WordPerfect® Viewer for Android™ helps you take care of business and keep important projects moving.

Enhanced! The PDF Office Suite:

PDF is the standard format for sharing electronic documents, but the inherent value of PDFs isn’t fully exploited if the content can only be read. With unrivaled importing, editing, archiving, and exporting capabilities, WordPerfect X6 lets you do more with

PDFs than any other word processor.

Enhanced! Open, edit, and create files in the latest Microsoft Office formats:

As Microsoft Office proprietary formats change, WordPerfect Office X6 keeps pace to help clear any compatibility hurdles. Improved header and margin support makes for easier round-tripping of templates and pleading papers with Microsoft Word users.

New! WinZip® 16:

WordPerfect Office X6 comes with WinZip 16, the world’s most popular file compression software. With over 20 years’ experience as the leader in the industry, WinZip 16 has an innovative and easy-to-use feature set that helps you save time, conserve space, and share files securely.

New! WinZip® Courier™:

WinZip Courier takes the worry and frustration out of emailing files of any size or type. It works behind the scenes, so you simply write an email and attach your files as usual.

New! ZipSend™:

When you need to send files that are too big for email, ZipSend is the answer. ZipSend automatically zips up your files, uploads them to the ZipSend cloud service, and inserts a link to the files at the top of your email message. Your recipients simply click the link to download your file attachments.

Enhanced! BrainStorm® QuickHelp™ Training:

WordPerfect Office X6 gives you quick access to video-based training from BrainStorm, Inc. an industry-leader in software training since 1995. In just one click from the WordPerfect X6 toolbar, you’ll receive short, easy-to-follow video training with step-by-step instruction to keep you more productive in the workplace, at school, and at home.

New! Corel® VideoStudio® Essentials X4:

Corel® VideoStudio® Essentials X4 is the simple way to start making movies and slide shows. You can quickly add photos, videos, and music to the library, then drag them to the timeline where you can apply a wide variety of transitions, filters and effects. Then share your videos online via your favorite websites, including Facebook®, Flickr®, and YouTube™.

System Requirements

Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP (32 bit and 64 bit with latest Service Pack and

Critical Updates)

1.1 GB hard disk space for minimum Installation

256 MB RAM

466-MHz processor

800 × 600 monitor resolution (1028 × 768 or higher recommended)

Mouse or tablet

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