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Corel WordPerfect Office x5 (Home&Students Edition)


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Product Description

WordPerfect Office X5 is built on four key areas of focus. More tools that make life easier allow people to focus on what really matters — content. When it's more than a page, when there’s more at stake, users demand collaborative tools and formatting features that allow them to give their documents just the right look. Fileformat freedom is also a cornerstone because market-leading compatibility means users never have to worry about file formats when sharing their documents or working with others. And because every dollar counts these days, WordPerfect Office X5 is designed to be the right office productivity tool at the right price.

What’s New

New! Web Services integration:

WordPerfect X5 has been enhanced to support Web Services, an increasingly important part of the workflow in enterprises, government departments, and legal organizations. Web Services allow users to collaborate across systems and gather information from both internal and external data sets. With Web Services integration, users can populate fields in their documents with data pulled from the Web.

New! Reference Center: The Reference

Center offers a new approach to the Help system, giving users quick access to the answers they need in a single, easy-to-use location.

New! Mozilla® Thunderbird® for

WordPerfect® Office: Combining the best of open source innovation with proprietary software development, Mozilla Thunderbird for WordPerfect Office redefines the e-mail workflow

New! E-mail address book integration:

Users can access their e-mail address book when performing mail merges, completing templates or envelopes, and more. WordPerfect Office X5 supports Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Windows address books. In addition, enhanced MAPI-compliancy is a step towards full Microsoft

Exchange compatibility

New! Nuance® PaperPort® 12 SE:

Eliminating paper clutter and organizing an office just got a lot easier with Nuance PaperPort 12 SE.

New! Windows® 7 compatibility:

Designed to make everyday tasks faster and easier, Windows 7 promises to change the way PC users work. WordPerfect Office X5 is built to take advantage of all that this new operating system offers, with full Windows 7 optimization.

Enhanced! Migration:

Users can upgrade from older versions of the suite to WordPerfect Office X5 with less effort and setup time than previous migrations.

New! Microsoft® SharePoint® support:

WordPerfect X5 gives users direct access to Microsoft SharePoint, the de facto document management system standard for organizations where multiple people write, review, and access the same document. Legal, enterprise, and government users can quickly retrieve and store documents, compare document versions, and track changes directly from within WordPerfect X5. In addition, updates to the WordPerfect iFilter allow users to search content in WordPerfect documents stored in a Microsoft SharePoint server with Google Desktop and Windows Desktop Search.

New! Open, edit, and create files in the latest Microsoft Office formats:

As Microsoft Office proprietary formats change, WordPerfect Office X5 keeps pace to help users clear any compatibility hurdles. Now users have even more file-format freedom with the ability to open and save documents in Open Office XML, making for the easy round-tripping of files with Microsoft Office users. Whether it’s the latest Microsoft Office document (DOCX), spreadsheet (XLSX) or presentation (PPTX), WordPerfect Office X5 ensures hassle-free collaboration and file exchange.

Enhanced! Microsoft Office compatibility:

Users familiar with Microsoft Office and concerned about having to learn another office suite needn’t worry. WordPerfect Office X5 allows them to adopt the keystrokes and menus of Microsoft Office and automatically save files in a Microsoft Office file format. All the applications in WordPerfect Office X5 have been enhanced to offer even better file fidelity when working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from their Microsoft Office counterparts.

Enhanced! PDF/A support:

With many organizations — especially large enterprises and government agencies — being legally required to keep more records on hand, the need to efficiently archive word-processing files has increased. The PDF/A archival format has been developed to meet this need, and WordPerfect Office X5 has updated PDF/A support.

System Requirements

Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP (32 bit and 64 bit with latest Service Pack and Critical Updates)

660 MB hard disk space for minimum installation

256 MB RAM

466-MHz processor

800 × 600 monitor resolution (1028 × 768 or higher recommended)

CD-ROM drive

Mouse or tablet

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